What It’s Like Living with Chronic Pain and How to Cope

Everybody experiences pain from time to time, both physical and emotional. But those living with chronic physical pain suffer greatly from the disorder.

Chronic pain is when your pain signals within your nervous system keep firing for days, months and even many years. Acute pain is more intense but has a starting and stopping point, unlike lingering chronic pain.  Compare the pain you may experience while at the dentists’ office to the long-term pain of a toothache to get an idea of the difference between acute and chronic pain.

Some people don’t understand the patient’s problem and sometimes call them lazy or dramatic, only increasing the person’s upset.  To help you better understand this pervasive condition here is some chronic pain sufferers description of their daily physical pain.


Since my pain in neurological, it is like shaking up a fizzy soda and but not opening it and keeping the cap on instead. The pressure inside the can is what it feels like my head every day.

John P
Boston, MA


Since 2001 I don’t know what it feels like not to be in pain, to have a good night’s restful sleep or to go through my daily activities without wincing pain.  On really bad days I cannot even brush my teeth because it is agonizingly painful

Sally W
Los Angeles, CA


I describe my pain like this, imagine if somebody hit you with a hard rubber mallet in every joint, repeatedly every hour every day.  This is my life for most of the time.

Claire L.
Detroit, Michigan


My pain is like the most annoying person in your life nagging you constantly and never going away. No matter how much I tell them to leave or try to ignore them.

Bob W
Palm Beach, Florida

hope for pain sufferers

How to Cope and Live with Chronic Pain Successfully

There are proven methods that can help the chronic pain sufferer to have a better quality of life.  If you have low back pain, you may get pain relief from the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program.

Ways to Ease Your Chronic Pain and Live Life

  1. Join a support group for chronic pain sufferers. Talking and connecting can ease the stress and you may new friends too!
  2. Track our level of pain and activities daily. Take this log to your doctor or occupational therapist to brainstorm some ways to ease your discomfort.
  3. Get a massage which has been proven to give chronic pain relief since it feels so good.
  4. Reduce your alcohol intake because it can make your sleep problems worse.
  5. Get natural pain relief by exercising and releasing endorphins.
  6. Reduce the stress in your life because it intensifies chronic pain.
  7. Eat healthy to improve your overall health which will ease your suffering
  8. Find distractions so you can enjoy your life more fully





Who Knew? My Back Pain was Due to My Hip Flexors

This is my story of how I overcame a major quality of life issue I developed in middle age – lower back pain.

Since it came on so quickly I thought it was due to my worn out office chair that I sit for 8 hours a day as a business consultant.  After much online research, I purchased a great leather office chair with ergonomic features with tilt and height adjustments. I even got a great price and saved $50 off by using Quill coupons.  It helped a little bit but the deep pain and discomfort were still bothering me.

I never had any back problems until I hit 40 years old and then suddenly the aching stiff lower back pain was a constant pain in my butt – literally. 🙂

My odyssey to relieve my back pain started at my primary doctor who was very unhelpful. He told me that because I was slightly overweight and of a “certain age” what did I expect. Thanks Doc for nothing!

Although I was getting older I still have decades of good life ahead.  So after recovering from the shock and dismay from that doctor appointment, I went to a local chiropractor. He adjusted my back but that only helped for about a week and then the pain came back 🙁

Finally, a friend of mine told me about how they discovered that their back problem was actually in their hips. Huh?  They told me about a gentle exercise program they used called Unlock Your Hip Flexors that gave them a greater range of movement and freedom from back pain. Check out this review of the product

As I researched the program, developed by injury specialists Rick Kasselj & Mike Westerdal, both Certified Physical Therapists it began to make sense.   They discovered that tight hip muscles pull and twist the back into painful positions and misalignment. See the illustration below that shows how the Psoas muscle tightens and pushes the lumbar creating low back pain.

tight hip muscles create back pain

Facing either dangerous back surgery or pain pill dependence I was anxious to try this healthy stretching and exercise program instead for only $50.  To date, I had spent hundreds and gotten no pain relief. Boy am I glad I did. In less than 2 weeks, after following the program as written, I got real improvement and pain relief.




Susan Sutton, Age 43
Southampton, NY